What Are the Types of Compression Undershirts?

some men develop excess breast tissueCompression undershirts are a great option in hiding a man’s breasts, as they are cheap and safe. Hiding the problem is a great way of improving on your ego. The effects of the compression undershirt is however temporary and cannot be used to solve the problem permanently. It is always advisable to correct the problem altogether but many men like hiding the problem in order to have a toned chest. The other methods though of solving the problem permanently can be however be costly especially the surgical one leaving the compression shirts a great tool to solve the matter. Some types of these undergarments include:

Underworks Cotton Concealer

This is an undershirt mainly designed to enable a good concealment of the chest and subsequently supporting the back. It is usually made of nylon under the cotton thus acquiring a good compression that is of better quality making it a comfortable wear but still with the required compression. Its downside is that it is very thin and can sometimes be uncomfortable, it can also be easily noticed when under a garment when you have a lot of movement. The supporting the back attribute helps one achieve better posture for your body that can better your health although it can make it uncomfortable to sit when wearing it. This can be worn under another garment without one looking odd. It is always advisable to choose an undershirt that is smaller size that you are but comfortable.

GC2 Compression Shirt

This is one of the oldest compression shirts of all time manufactured by GC2 compression, it has therefor beaten the odds to be still in the market. This makes it very good quality compression shirt. It is made up of more polyester blended with spandex. It has a wider shoulder strap making it difficult to wear the shirt under other clothes. It can however be worn comfortably without being noticed under another garment. In addition, it is also designed to compress the stomach together with the chest thus supporting a better posture.

Girdle Gynecomastia Shirt

This is also a compression shirt that is made by a mixture of spandex and nylon and is one layered. It is invisible when worn under other garments though not as much. It provides a good compression though it does not have the microfiber technology. It distributes compression around the entire torso, which enables support for the lower back and subsequently enables one to have good posture.

Insta Slim Compression Muscle Tank

This is the best solution to the compression for people with gynecomastia this is because it provides a great compression thus being a perfect solution to enlarged breast. This however, makes it very hot especially in the sunny days making it very uncomfortable.