Indonesia overcome Thailand to be largest car sale country in asean in 4 month of 2010

During the first four months of 2017, from January to April, car sales in Indonesia are higher compared to Thailand. Total Total sales reached 223 361 units in Thailand. While in Indonesia, the latest data received car detailer, reached 239 306 units to 226 565 units for wholesales and retail.

Total car sales during the first four months of 2017 in Thailand, was released by Mazda in the country and cited a variety of media, up 58 percent over the same period last year. Though the country’s political crisis continues to worsen.

Nevertheless, the increase in sales of cars in Indonesia, either retail or wholesales higher than Thailand when compared to the same period last year. from 137 642 units to 226 565 units. While wholesales higher, 74.4 percent, from 134 861 to 239 306 units umnit.

Toyota Top Top Toyota

As in Indonesia, the country’s white elephant, Toyota also occupies a top position with total sales of over 92 406 units or 41.3 percent. In Indonesia in the same period of Toyota, for retail controlled 39.7 percent or 90 138 units. . While for wholesales, although the number of units more, but Toyota was slightly lower percentage, 38.9 percent.

Compared to last year, Toyota is enjoying sales in Thailand rise 53.3 percent. Isuzu, 46.071 unit , Honda 29.739 unit , Nissan 13.208 unit, Mitsubishi 10.438 unit (naik 100,9 persen dan Mazda 10.438 unit. Car sales positions in the country is Isuzu, 46 071 units (up 43.8 per cent), Honda 29 739 units (up 78.8 per cent), Nissan 13 208 units (up 75 per cent), Mitsubishi’s 10 438 units (up 100.9 percent and Mazda 10 438 units (an increase of 219 percent).

Meanwhile, according to Bloomberg, General Motors reported its sales in Thailand rose 62 percent, compared to 1162 units 1879 units.

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