Degree Programs for Restaurateurs

If you have a dream of becoming a restaurateur, or are already one, there are some skills that are a must have. Maybe you just acquired some hands on skills via working in the hotel industry, and you felt that you are good to go, so you took the next step- began running your own restaurant. The hands-on skills are undoubtedly helpful- they have kept you going- but you need some skills which can be acquired via study. Here are the 3 best degree programs for restaurateurs: Continue reading

Local Farms and Why We Buy Organic

What Does Organic Really Mean?

Organic means that the agricultural product was grown and processed under some stringent specifications that ensure the products do not contain any unhealthy chemicals that could lead to complications in future. The products must not be genetically engineered, or sprayed with synthetic pesticides. Animal products from livestock that only consume organic feed with no animal by-products, and have not been injected with growth hormones, also fall in this bracket. Continue reading

How My Travels Impact My Menu

I have always had a soft spot for good food and drinks. In fact, owning a restaurant or bar was always one of my dreams in life. Well, finally the dream came true. I currently run a restaurant of my very own. Obviously this would mean that the main dishes on my menu are mostly from the region where my restaurant is located. My passion for food and beverage also drives me to sharing my experiences through my personal blog. Continue reading